ADHPRO are construction claims experts & support construction project stakeholders by assisting in the avoidance and resolution of project-related disputes. 

If you are involved in a dispute within the construction sector, which may be heading towards adjudication, or finding yourself in receipt of an adjudication referral notice, then you should consider taking professional advice before preparing to launch adjudication proceedings.

We can offer you a safe pair of hands to guide you through all stages of the adjudication process.

We are committed to resolving construction disputes in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We make sure we have a clear understanding of your overall objectives from the outset. We work with you to create a strategy for managing the adjudication in order to obtain the best possible outcome

Our service includes:

  • developing an adjudication strategy;
  • stress-testing your case;
  • working with technical experts to ensure that the backbone of the case is solid; and
  • advising on legal risks and pitfalls in the following areas.


Changes in the requirements are likely to occur with any construction project. While sometimes necessary, change orders can heavily impact a project’s scope, schedule, and cost. We specialize in reviewing and quantifying change orders.


Some construction claims involve contract default or termination due to a party’s failure to meet contractual obligations. Construction default and termination can significantly affect a project, by causing disputes, schedule delays, and productivity loss. We examine the original project contract to validate the role of each party pertaining to the claim.


Construction damages can result in increased costs, schedule delays, productivity losses, and construction defects. We are well-versed in analyzing and quantifying the damages of construction claims. We perform an analysis to identify any potential impacts, like schedule inefficacies, change orders, productivity losses, and/or contract disputes.


Labor productivity loss can cause contractual disputes between the owner and contractor. Additional labor costs can play a role in contributing to financial loss. Our experts can analyze the impact of adjustments to labor resources on the construction budget and schedule.


Schedule interferences can impact budget and productivity on a construction project. We provide our expertise in schedule delay, disruption, and acceleration to determine effects on schedule and to quantify damages related to a dispute.