Our Chartered Surveyors are able to provide Forensic Expert Witness reports and have experience of giving evidence in Court and at Tribunal. Subject areas include such matters as construction, dilapidations and professional negligence claims. Services we can provide:-

  • Acting as single, joint and court appointed expert to undertake detailed inspections and reporting in compliance with Civil Procedure Rules and RICS code of practice.
  • Present expert evidence in court and to tribunals in Adjudication and Arbitration proceedings.
  • Preparation of Scott Schedules listing defects, remedies and cost whilst allowing for replies from Respondents and Official Referees as necessary.

ADHPRO can also be appointed to consider and report on disputes in the process of ‘expert determination’. This is an alternative approach to resolving disputes where the parties agree to be bound by the findings of an impartial 3rd party following a short investigation process.

Expert Advisor – Quantum

In respect to the Expert Advisor roles ADHPRO has developed its own Products which are beneficial not only to the client but also to the Instructing Solicitors when they are exploring the merits of Entitlement and Liability of a case. They are:

ADHPRO’s Quantum Experts can use Risk Reviews to evaluate and report on the viability and correct valuation of Quantum matters including Variations, Changes or Compensation Events. The Risk Review identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the Claims and provides a cost benefit analysis for developing the Client’s case to the next level.